I have known , that the original populations of global communities were dark-skinned people.  Adam who was the first human being, was created according to Al-Qur’an from “Black (Hama) mud.”   So when I began reading Tariq Berry’s book: THE UNKNOWN ARAB, I did not have to be convinced of the color of the original population of the Arabian Peninsula.  I have for decades read books from such authors/ historians as J.A. Rogers (WORLD’S GREAT MEN OF COLOR vol. 1&2, and other of his books) and Dr. Khalid A.T. Al-Mansour’s (who identifies himself as African-Arabian) various books which included similar topics.  However what did surprise me was the extent of the detailed traditions which the practically all of the people who today and for many centuries inhabit the region known as West Africa had concerning their history of migration from what we know as the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.

There have been critics who would like to express the white supremacist view that Africa was a dark continent and it peoples remained in place.  This in contrast to the history of migrations which involved the entire African population over various periods of time.  With that view, is the erroneous placing the Arabian Peninsula and adjacent areas of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Iran outside the African continental region both physically and culturally.   For example, in the case of the Ewe of the West Africa region which includes the modern nations of Ghana, Togo, and Benin,  they trace their roots to the Elamites, who  inhabited  the area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers known to history as Mesopotamia in the modern day Iraq.  The Elamites who built large buildings and left wall paintings, depicted themselves with dark skin.  The Ewe express that they migrated from that area to Canaan (Palestine) then migrated with “the Jews” out of Palestine (during a severe drought) into Egypt ultimately making their way to the region they now inhabit.  The Asante (Ashanti) a closely related people through intimate  interactions with the Ewe, must have been the “the Jews” the Ewe recorded in their traditions.  The Ashanti who have been noted by credible Jewish scholars of  ” having traditions similar to Judaism” descend from a Palestinian town called “Ashan.”  The suffix “ti” means people therefore the word “Ashanti” means “the people of Ashan.”  It was from the Ewe who the Ashanti came to dominate that they got their famous kente cloth from.

The Kanembu also know as the Kanuri is the people I identify with.  I was aware that they claimed descendent from the Himyarite king, Sayf ibn Dhi Yazan from Yemen.  His descendants established a dynasty called the Sayfawa Dynasty that rule Kanem-Bornu Empire for over 1,000 years.   Groups that we African-Americans are descended from such as the Yoruba the Hausa, the Mandinka (Mandingo), the Ibo (Igbo), the Fulani, the Bambara (also a Mande people like the Mandinka) all have traditions of migrated from the east.

The book connected the dots to explain the migratory history of the African people and the connection to what we refer to as “Arab lands” from the time of the Pharoahs through the time of the spread of Al-Islam.  Some critics think that the Africans made these stories up to identify themselves with the Prophet Muhammad or one of their companions.  Those critics mistake the modern day Arab, who can be considered “white” in most societies today as the original Arabs. (The Arabs referred to them as, “Red”).  There is over whelming evidence that this is not the case.  The “Arabs” who left and settle in regions of Africa, particularly in the west retained their resemblance to their Eastern Ancestors.  This connect the fact that the Arabs who were Black may have migrated out of the region but do not disappear from the face of the earth.

The famous Muslim people called the Moors, who invaded and occupied Portugal and Spain (Andalusia) for nearly 800 years, were from the same groups of Africans previous mentioned.  The were not referred to as “Arabs” by the historians and their enemies because they were Muslim, but referred to such because of their dark skin which was typical of the Arab population.  It is important to mention the Moors because they are a vital link to the reason for the worst tragedy ever thrust on humanity— the TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE.

In “The Unknown Arabs, ” Tariq Berry pinpointed the reason why we have laminated over the injustice done through out our sojourn in this country, delineated in the death of Trayvon Maritn and others.  The question is, “Why do they hate us so much?”  My Christian brothers and sisters would be shock to learn that the entire slave trade of Africans into the so-called “New World” started as a Crusade of the European Christian revenge against the Muslim Moor!  It was the European hatred of the Moor, whose dark-skin exemplify the symbol of dominance of Al-Islam.  Once the Europeans conquered the Moors they started a system of forced conversion to Christianity of the Muslim and Jewish Moors, called the Inquisition.  It is no mistake (as mentioned in my book: THE DEVELOPMENT OF AL-ISLAM IN THE AFRICAN – AMERICAN COMMUNITY)  that the Klu Klux Klan bear the same uniforms of the people who carried out the Inquisition!  The hatred we are subjected to is not because we are Black so to speak but it is because we are Moors!  Those of us with some knowledge of our past have heard that the Pope at that time blessed the Slave trade but I did not know why until I read Bro. Tariq’s book.  Pope Nicholas V sent a papal bull dated, January 8, 1454 to the King of Portugal, Alphonso V authorizing him to “deprive the freedom of all Moors and other enemies of Christ with no exceptions for the Guineans.” (p. 86).  The Pope blessed all that participated in the “new crusade” (p. 87).  The first slaves brought to America were the Moorish captives from Spain and Portugal not Africa!  It is no mistake that it was the Portuguese and the Spanish who initiated the slave trade and the invasion of Africa.  As the Moors and Jews fled into Africa they were pursued then captured by the Europeans.   It was right that Noble Drew Ali, founder of the Moorish Science Temple (I’m not a member), identified the African-American with the Moors, and that he and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad bypassed Africa as the birth place of the Black man in America instead focusing on our “Asiatic” origins.