In the light of recently reported killings of Black men and attacks on black women by white law enforcement officers, race has again become a hot issue in the American conscience. The deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO; Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY; the deaths of black men in California, the death of a John Crawford in a Walmart in Dayton, Ohio holding a toy gun that was on sale at the store, the videos of police assaults on one woman in California and two women in Brooklyn, NY one being dragged from her apartment nude by white male officers and another who was pregnant, being accosted by a white male officer on her own porch while grilling; have galvanized the public to realize that racist behavior by law enforcement is a threat to national security.

I am also a victim of police brutality in a Times Square incident in 1979 just a month shy of my 18th birthday. Before that I was a victim of white gang violence and verbal abuse while growing in Queens, NY.   My oldest son was lynched in 2009 in Baltimore County, MD, allegedly by white racist. The local police did not investigate it. I found out that it has been going on for quite some time around the country, where usually a young Black male is found hanging and the so-called authorities considered it a suicide instead of investigating it properly.

The racial attacks with some if not most resulting in killings such as Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, and Jordan Davis also of Florida by Michael Dunn and countless of others who have been gunned down by racist cops, killed by racist gang violence or individuals, including a spate of lynchings, especially within the past 140 years. Racist attacks during the Columbian era, which is the past 500 years; also includes the slaughter of 50,000 Moors in Europe on November 1, 1570 (All Saints Day) and perhaps 100 million Africans during the middle passage alone over a 300 year period.   An estimate 10-14 million Africans died in the Congo colonized by Belgium during the reign of King Leopold II. Native Americans (some of which were Africans) had an estimate 14 million people before Columbus, invasion but number roughly around 1 million today.

Though our Ancestors had a notion of variations among mankind, it was based on mainly national origin. Today’s system has been developed during the 18th and 19th centuries. The notion of classifying mankind into different races was to justify the enslavement of Africans and the colonization of lands of dark people creating a truly false doctrine of white supremacy.   Therefore, this false doctrine of white supremacy CAN ONLY BE ENFORCED BY PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM!

The whole notion of “race,” as it is today, is a relatively new one. With the advancement of modern science in the field of genetics, has proven the entire concept of race as FALSE!

The Origin of the Modern Racial Concept

It started with a book written by Swedish Botanist (Plant Scientist!), Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778), Systema Naturae, where he split humanity into four different groups by continental origin and skin color:

“Europæus albus” (white European), “Americanus rubescens” (red American), “Asiaticus fuscus” (brown Asian) and “Africanus niger” (black African).

Based on erroneous information Linnaeus arbitrarily assigned one of four characteristics that was based on the four “humors” classifying the Europaeus (Europeans) with the best qualities and the Afer (Africans) with the worst. (sources: Carl Linnaeus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm; Race-wikipedia) the term “race’ was introduced, in 1749 by Georges Buffon, a French

naturalist, mathematician, cosmologist, and encyclopedic author.   His work was followed by Dr. Johan Blumenbach, a German naturalist, psychologist, and the first one of the three that actually was an anthropologist.   He split mankind into five races, Caucasian, Ethiopian (later Negroid), Mongolian (North Asian), Malayan (South Pacific), American (Native Americans).

Unfortunately for the millions of people who continue to be slaughtered in the name of white supremacy these men and those who followed them set the stage by opining that the “white race” was the most advance while the others were of less intelligence.

How Our Ancestors Thought About “Race”

In Ancient Khamit (Egypt) there is a famous painting of four men which represented four different distinct characteristics among the people in Egypt at the time. However it is was not based on “racial” but national differences. The color that the Egyptians portrayed themselves as was reddish-brown (which is the color of most African-Americans today.) They portrayed the Nubian (Nahasi) as black. The Asiatic (Namou) was portrayed as yellow while the Tamahu (also spelled, Tamhou) was portrayed as white. French Anthropologist Champollion complained that he was embarrassed that his people, the Tamahu were on the lowest strata of Egyptian society.   Champollion remarked:

“The variations I observed fully convinced me that they had tried to represent here the inhabitants of the four corners of the earth, according to the Egyptian system, namely: 1. the inhabitants of Egypt which, by itself, formed one part of the world…; 2. the inhabitants of Africa proper: Blacks; 3. Asians; 4. finally (and I am ashamed to say so, since our race is the last and the most savage in the series), Europeans who in those remote epochs, frankly did not cut too fine a figure in the world.”

Another anthropologist who came into Egypt during Napoleon’s occupation was Count Constantin de Volney. When he saw the faces on the monuments, temple paintings and statues, he exclaimed, “Just think that this race of black men, today our slave and  subjected to our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech!”

White supremacy historically, scientifically, genetically is absolutely false. Genetically human beings are originally Black .   I discovered this while reading my textbook in 7th grade hygiene class in Junior High School.

In the book it had two comparative lists. On top of the first list was “Dominant Gene traits” and on top of the second one was “Recessive Gene traits”

The traits listed under the Dominant gene were:

Dark hair, Corse thick hair, brown eyes, broad nose, dark skin.

The traits listed under the Recessive gene were:

Blond hair, Straight thin hair, blue eyes, thin nose, light skin.

I suddenly realized that the traits of the dominate gene was what we call a Black person and the traits of the Recessive gene is what we call a White person.   Genetically human beings are far more similar in comparison to other creatures such as cats and birds, for example. Individuals may been more intelligent that others but that does not make one group of people superior to another group of people due to the color of their skin.

In order for human beings to live in peace the whole notion of white supremacy in particular which has caused undue havoc on generations of human beings have to be totally eradicated.

This article was a complete re-write of an article with the same title, I wrote for the AS’SALAAM NEWS (Baltimore, MD) in 2000. Halim Mustafa Al-Kanemi, chief editor