who the Moors really wee

Salaams (Peace), my name is Halim Mustafa Al-Kanemi.  I have been blessed by the Creator (Allah) to be an author (of books and articles), a teacher, a husband, and a father.    My current book is : THE DEVELOPMENT OF AL-ISLAM IN THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY,  self-published and distributed by me through my publishing and bookselling business, KANEMBU HOUSE PUBLISHERS & BOOKSELLERS.   It is in it 2nd edition.  My other book is, WHEN FOUR CORNERS COLLIDE: Reflections From The Life Of King Kanem (I poetry, prose & song).   I have written articles for AS’SALAAM NEWS, Baltimore, MD (1999-2008) and in MUSLIM LINK, College Park, MD (2003).   I have fathered 8 children, four each, by two now ex-wives.  My five youngest are in my custody.    My oldest child, my beloved son Jibril was mudered by lynching at his home in 2009 at age 21.  My first blog, “JUSTICE4JIBRIL” has been written since August of that year.  Please go to http://justice4jibril.blogspot.com for further details.

I was born in Brooklyn and raised there and in Laurelton, (south east) Queens.  I’ve lived in Oakland, CA after leaving the military.  I joined the Nation Of Islam (NOI) the year before I left the military so I was part of the Temple then eventually a study group both under the leadership of Min. Farrakhan.  Once I returned back home to N.Y., I took shahada (oath to become Muslim) and then was part of what was then the National Community of Imam Jamil Al-Amin (now Al-Ummah).  I became a wazir (minister or literally helper) in the local Imam’s cabinet.  I later moved to Mobile, Al where I became an Imam under Imam Jamil.  When I returned to N.Y  I, again, became a wazir under the local Imam.  I resigned my position, about two years later, then joined a masjid in the Community of Imam  W.Deen Mohammed where I was appointed Na’ibu (Assist. Imam).  I am still affiliated with “The Community of Imam W.D. Mohammed.”  After staying in Baltimore for a little over a decade ( I was a Asst. Imam there briefly), I moved to NC.  I was an Asst. Imam with AL-FALAQ ISLAMIC CENTER, where I am the (Adult) Arabic studies teacher and appointed to head the Dawah & Education Committee,  and was a teacher of African studies (children class) at Alkebulan Village, Inc, of Goldsboro, NC where I had been assigned as the Program Co-ordinator, however, neither of these organizations never got off the ground and folded quickly.  I am currently the Arabic teacher at Wayne County Islamic Society  and  I am currently teaching African-American history at Powerflow Fitness through our education program, New African Village Forum.  I publish a quarterly newsletter called  NEW AFRICA RISES. I am founder/ director, NEW AFRICAN HERITAGE SOCIETY (NAHS).